Drive business success through effective communication

Welcome to Join the Dots Training where you'll find details of short training workshops to help you promote your business more effectively and cost efficiently to your customers. We specialise in helping food and drink businesses to sharpen their marketing and PR skills to attract more customers and increase their media profile. Join the Dots Training is run by two experienced food and drink marketing and PR consultant trainers who have created a programme of short, practical workshops to share their knowledge.

"Really good, lots of material covered but not information overload , a good balance. Well paced and interesting."  AS, Buckinghamshire

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Join your promotional dots

Whether you’re just starting out in business, have taken on staff to help you grow your business or are established and looking to sharpen your competitive edge, Join the Dots Training can help you promote your business.


Maximise the impact of your campaigns

Learn the skills you need for effective corporate promotion on our non-residential training workshops.   Become skilled at getting the best from your agencies and more effective when you handle your communications yourself. 

We cover the 12 promotional ingredients that we believe are crucial for business success, ensuring you promote your business to your customers in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Available in 1.5 or 3 hour modules to fit your objectives and personnel’s experience levels, our workshops are focused, practical and enjoyable.


Pick and mix your training modules

Our pick and mix approach is flexible, you simply select from our range of 24 workshops to develop a training programme specifically for your business needs. Contact us to find out more.